Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Survey Report

In this survey report my partner and I wanted to know what were the people’s intentions towards war and consequences for the Canadian people. We created some different questions about money, Iraq, etc… Another goal was to see the intentions of Canadians towards the Canadian army.

This survey report talks about the intentions of students towards war. We divided the survey in to 3 groups. The first group of questions is about Canada and its army. The second group is about the international conflict in Iraq. The third and last group is to see the preference of people towards the army. This survey has 10 multiple choice questions. The survey was answered by 54 people. Most of the people who answered the survey were students of college Edouard Montpetit.


Group 1: Canada
popular answer

# 9 Join the army
no at 65,3%
# 4 Canada needs an army
yes at 62,7%

Group 2:International conflict
popular answer

# 5 Iraq conflicts
call back all troops 63,8%
# 8 Iran conflicts
diplomatic 47,1%

Group 3: Personal choice
popular answer

# 1 job of army
defend their country 68%
# 2 money for army
spend 500 to 1billions
# 3 sector you like
Air force 63,3%
# 6 war at your door
fight 54,9%
# 7 war is an answer
No at 68,6%
# 10 weapon you like
Ak-47 32,6%

The answers show that Canada needs an army but nobody wants to join the Canadian army. In the second group most students think that the US government should call back all troops in Iraq and the same students think that the future conflicts with Iran should be resolved by diplomatic voice. In the last group, students think that the job of the army is to defend their country. The majority of people will spend 500 millions $ to 1 billion in the army and most people don’t think that war is the answer.

For the Canada part, the results surprised me, 65% won’t join the army but 63% think that Canada needs an army. It’s as if a person wants to buy a car but he doesn’t want to pay for it. That is ridiculous. Nobody will be surprised about the international category. All respondents think that Iraq is a mess and the US government should call back all troops. For the last category there is no surprise that students like the air force. Why, because most of the respondents were students of the ENA. For 70% of them war isn’t an answer and after what we saw and will see in Iraq I don’t think that number will decrease.

I think that the result is the mirror of the Quebeck society. If this survey were published in Canada the answers would be different. For example: Canadians will spend more than $ 1 billion for the army. The answers for the question: would you join the army; the answers will probably be “yes” if the survey were answered by Canadians because Canadians like the army more than the Quebeckers. We just have to look in the past to see that. (Conscription in World War II).
Finally, I hope that Mr. Bush will see that survey and will call back his troops from Iraq and talk with Iran; not fight it.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Survey about War

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

A vacation day in Montreal

Montreal is a great city and a great place to visit but for me it is not a place that I would like to live because I come from the south shore of Montreal (if you don’t know Montreal is an island) The city of Montreal is a city where you can do a lot of things. For example in one day you can take the breakfast in a coffee shop and after go to the amusement park named “La Ronde”. This attraction park has the biggest roller-coster of wooden construction, it name is “the monster”. The monster isn't scary but the owner is constructing the biggest roundabout in Canada. For the dinner you can go to a Chinese restaurant. The Chinese area is the third biggest district in Canada after Vancouver and Toronto. In the afternoon you can take a walk in the “old port of Montreal”. That place is near the St-Laurence river and it a beautiful and an older part of the city. Some parts of the road are is the original surface and some houses were built in the 17 century. For supper you can go to an Italian restaurant to eat some pasta. If you come in the summer you can watch free to fireworks. This is a big competition between countries and it just fabulous to see that. We even close a bridge for this moment and only walkers are available to go on the bridge and see the firework competition. After you can go take a drink on a terrace and enjoy the Montreal night lif. That is for me a typical day for vacation in summer in the city of Montreal.